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On Air, Online & Offline

Creative Director Geert van Ooijen is best known through his branding for tv, radio and online channels,
his graphic and motion design for several mediabrands in the Netherlands and abroad. But his work is not limited to media brands.
After being Creative Director for RTL The Netherlands for more than 13 years, he started in 2009 his own studio.

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In addition to being creative, Geert van Ooijen is also a photographer.
If you’re interested in his role as photographer please follow this link.


Works from the past

OOQ’s Chief Creative Officer and founder: Geert van Ooijen is well-known in the Dutch Media Landscape, being consecutively Art-director at the NOB (Dutch Broadcasting Facility House), Art-Director for TV and Radiochannel Veronica and Creative Director for all four TV and several Radiostations of RTL The Netherlands. He’s also known for his brilliant ideas, his fantastic performance and his sharp graphic look.
OOQ started January 2009. From that moment Geert served with his colleagues a variety of clients successful with out-of-the-box graphic work for On Air, Online and Offline media, moving brands forward.

We’re proud to serve these clients among others

Photography by Geert van Ooijen: for more follow this link

Rugby Portraits

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